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services Site Safety Passport

CCNSG Safety Passport

The course results in attendees acquiring a nationally recognized site safety qualification. Many companies insist on personnel holding the nationally recognized safety passport qualification before allowing them access to a site or premises. The course gives basic knowledge of health and safety and complements on-site induction, enabling employees to work more safely and with lower risk to themselves and others. This passport which was previously known as the SCATS card is valid for three years, after this period the renewal consists of the 1-day Passport Renewal course. The training meets the statutory requirements of the Health & Safety Executive.

The CCNSG Safety Passport is aimed towards:

All employees within the construction and engineering industries and sub-contractor personnel working within the installation and maintenance sectors.

Course Content

By the end of the training course, delegates should be able to:

• explain Health and Safety law and permits to work
• outline safe working practices relating to scaffolding
• outline safe working practices for access and exiting
• describe accident and first aid procedures
• explain fire precautions and procedures
• define COSHH and personal protective equipment
• explain the theories of Manual Handling
• outline noise procedures and practices
• define the regulations for work with cranes and heavy equipment
• outline the excavations procedures and practices

Course Duration

• Two-day course

Examination and Assessment

Each module of the course is assessed through multiple choice question papers with the examination pass mark for each paper set at 80%.

Awarding & Examination Body

• ECITB / CCNSG - Client Contractors National Safety Group