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Site Mangement Safety Training Scheme Refresher (SMSTS Refresher)

All Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) certificates issued after 1st January 2001 are valid for a five year period from the date of issue. This two day refresher course will enable current SMSTS certificate holders to renew their qualification, however this course can only be attended by current and valid CITB SMSTS certificate holders.

The CITB SMSTS Refresher certificate training course is designed to ensure that personnel maintain and up-date their current health and safety knowledge. The course covers changes to legislation, approved codes of practice and best working practice within the industry.

Individuals wishing to renew their SMSTS training certificate must provide a copy of the original five-day course certificate. Details of the course venue and the date of the course should also be provided if known. Only those individuals who have passed the five day course and provided evidence of this will be eligible to take the two day refresher course.

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme refresher is a 2 day course routinely provided by our tutors, due to demand now held as an open course at our training venues on a regular basis.