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Tutor-led IOSH Managing Safely health and safety courses are ideal for managers or those who are employed in supervisory positions. The IOSH accredited Managing Safely course provides face to face training which delivers knowledge in appreciating safety requirements. This provides the skills necessary for reviewing personal departmental safety systems, how to introduce new safety control measures and how to bring in new changes which will improve the overall safety within the workplace.

Course Duration:

4 Days

Course Content:

All candidates who successfully pass the IOSH Managing Safely training will be awarded with a certificate issued by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. This certificate will prove that the manager is able to:

  • Recognise hazards found in the workplace
  • Produce and record basic risk assessments
  • Recommend control measures as a result of the basic risk assessments
  • Provide management practices and principles as part of a complete management strategy
  • Plan, create and implement actions to meet health and safety objectives
  • Recognising and accounting for the risks from ergonomic factors
  • Investigation accidents and incidents which resulted in damage or injuries to discover the causes and to ensure the appropriate steps are taken.
  • Assessment:

    Understanding of the course material is evaluated by means of a 45-minute written assessment paper consisting of 20 multi-format questions and a practical assessment.


    For delegates who attend the course and successfully complete the written and practical assessments, there is a choice of accreditation, either an IOSH Managing Safely certificate or an IOSH passport card.

    Course Details:

    This course is delivered specifically for your employees. It can be delivered at our training venues, or on your premises.

    Each course costs £425 + VAT.
    There is then an extra charge of £33 + VAT per person to cover certificate and workbook.

    Please Contact Us if you would like to book an IOSH Managing Safely course.